Synchronization and Timing Solutions: StarClockTM 200E

**This product has been Manufacturer Discontinued since 2012 but some cards are still available - contact for more information**
StarClock 200E - T1/E1/CC Synchronization Timing System

The innovative StarClockTM 200E Expandable Synchronization Timing Systems offers flexible and cost-effective solutions for Stratum 1 (PRC), Stratum 2E (TNC), and Stratum 3E (LNC) timing for digital transmission and synchronization applications. The systems provides a redundant and jitter-free source of framed ones and composite clock and are synchronized to an equal or higher stratum framed reference source. The fully NEBS compliant StarClockTM 200E systems can be employed in either DS1, E1 or Composite Clock (CC) digital transmission environments simply by selecting the appropriate modules.

The StarClockTM 200E is the next generation of CXR Larus' industry-performance-standard 5400 and 54500 Synchronization Systems. Most StarClockTM 200E circuit card switch settings and operating functions are software generated, affording both speed and flexibility for system application changes, testing, and monitoring.

The expandable StarClockTM 200E, can be configured to provide timing for everything from small and remote offices to the RBOC and large Central Office environment. It offers up to 200 timing outputs unprotected, or 100 timing outputs with 1:1 protection on the Master Shelf. Expansion shelves can be added to the StarClockTM 200E system which will boost the number of timing outputs well over 3,000 unprotected, or over 1,500 with 1:1 protection, enough for the largest Central Office imaginable.

Optional modules for both systems include a GPS Stratum 1 (PRC) track and Stratum 2E (TNC) hold or Stratum 1 (PRC) track and Stratum 3E (LNC) hold card, with integral GPS receiver, a Composite Clock Input module, a module that uses 5 or 10 MHz inputs, and the Model 54580 Simple Network Time Server module which provides Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP V4 and/or IRIG-B).

Also available is the 54581 Timing Insertion Unit (TIU) which allows office equipment which does not have an external timing input port to be timed at Stratum 1 accuracy by re-timing the DS1 input. Two DS1s can be re-timed per TIU card. The Larus 54580 Network Time Server distributes time for precise synchronization of client computer clocks over a network. Time is acquired from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and distributed over the network using Simple Network Time Protocol SNTP). Client computer clocks can be synchronized to less than 1 millisecond. Computer clock synchronization is a highly cost-effective solution for transaction and data processing systems, secure local area networks, and enterprise networks.

The 54580 is a single card designed to plug into the Larus StarClock 100 or StarClock 200 or the 5400 (List 5 or higher) Timing System Shelf. For full NTP or Precision Time Protocol (PTP IEEE-1588V2) applications, please check out the new CXR Larus Model 54582 NTP Server/ PTP IEEE-1588 V2 Grandmaster Clock module

If your GPS antenna has to be located farther than 500 feet from the StarClockTM system, consider the optional DUC GPS Antenna Extender Kit to avoid the hassles and cost of running expensive special low loss cable.

Download Documents:

StarClock 200E Expendable Synchronization Timing System (US) (146Kb)

StarClock 200E Overview (US) (211Kb)