Model LA103 DS1 Network Interfaces Unit

The Larus line of DS1 connectors provides a circuit demarcation network interface capability to all North American standard T1 signaled 24 channel, l.544 Mb/s T1 PCM carrier lines terminated on customer premises. They isolate and terminate a telephone company T1 span line on the customer premises as well as provide circuit selectable signal regeneration.

A typical Network Interface Unit (NIU) is located at the telco demarcation point at the customer premises. It serves to terminate a T1 line and provide some diagnostic capability (loop up, loop down). The various units described here incorporate a digital regenerator for one direction, both directions, or the loopback path. Such devices are also referred to as DS1 interface connectors and "smartjacks."

The Larus Model LA103 DS1 Connector is a standalone unit designed for wall or bar mounting. It provides circuit demarcation and network interface capability to North American standard T1 1.544 Mb/s PCM carrier facilities terminated on customer premises.

The LA103 features inband coded signal loopback, line or local powering, looping of the telephone company simplex power, dry or wet customer interface, shielded and enclosed circuitry, and a protected terminal block. The connector isolates and terminates a telephone company T1 span line on customer premises and allows looping of the simplex span, when locally powered, as well as selectable signal regeneration. Receive range is up to 6000 feet.

Ordering Information:

LA103-0: Network Interface, DS1, w/ RJ48C (non-shorting) jack
LA103-1: Network Interface, DS1. w/ RJ48X (shorting) jack