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Our Thermocouple Laboratories have been fabricating and calibrating thermocouple assemblies for more than 30 years.

We currently supply thermocouples to wafer fab sites around the world.

Our skilled technical team has an average of 20 years experience specializing in fabricating, repairing and calibrating thermocouples, providing expert engineering and technical support that you can count on.

We assemble custom thermocouples using only highest quality ‘Reference Grade’ thermocouple wire, and assembly materials equivalent to those provided by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Our thermocouples are calibrated using a State-of-the-Art multi-cell fixed point verification system (using metal freeze points: the highest accuracy available); and NIST traceable certificates of calibration with correction factor data are provided with each thermocouple.

Fabrication Services Include:
Base Metal Thermocouples        (types J, K, T and E)
Noble Metal Thermocouples         (types B, R and S)
Individual or Bulk Quantities
Spike Thermocouples        
Profile Thermocouples
High Temperature Ceramic and Quartz Sheathing

Calibration Services Include:
Highest Accuracy, State-of-The-Art Calibration Using Fixed Point Cells
N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificates of Calibration
Highest Quality ‘Reference Grade’ Thermocouple Wire
Custom Correction Factor Calibration Reports
Wire-Only Calibrations
Spool Certification Services
Thermocouple Recertification