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635 QuickBERT ™-T1

635 Features:
• Transmits all standard T1 BERT patterns
and loop codes
• Transmits HDSL loop codes
• Has the ability to insert logic, BPV, and
frame bit errors
• Automatically syncs to and displays framing
type, line coding, and BERT pattern
• Performs BERT and Fractional T1 BERT
(Nx56 and Nx64)
• Captures and displays DTMF digits
• Measures DS1 frequency, level, and
clock slips
• Displays standard T1 alarms and major
T1 performance parameters
• Displays AMI or B8ZS line coding
• Monitors voice, DS0 frequency and level,
and DS0 signaling and data bits
• Prints test results and setup information

Download the 635 QuickBERT ™-T1 brochure here