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The AccessView platform meeting the challenges of migrating to the next generation services

The AccessView System addresses the demands of your increasingly complex network architecture with a unique, com-pact and modular platform. The core testing system consists of two modular units. The Response Unit (RU) interfaces to Class 5 and soft switches. Using switch responses to query, it routes test requests to the appro-priate Test Unit (TU). Additionally, it enables technician productivity tools—telephone identification (ANAC), loop conditions and transmission testing. It integrates tightly with XpressView, TesCom's operational support system (OSS) enabling additional features such as batch schedule testing and performance monitoring. The TU provides comprehensive parametric testing and diag-nostic capabilities of last mile copper plant. It’s environmentally hardened and compact design allows for easy placement in con-gested remote cabinets.The compact, modular design dramatically reduces deployment cost by allowing users to interface multiple test units to one response unit, pick and choose products and features, and easily add new modules to address expanding technologies.

Download the AccessView brochure here