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DaVaR™ and DaVaR NetDSL™ Test Systems

More than a single product, DaVaR is a process for collecting information
about your plant and updating the support system databases to keep information
accurate. A DaVaR program provides both immediate and long
term returns. Based on industry data, a DaVaR program can easily return
more than $29 million in recovered assets, additional revenue and improved
productivity for every million lines tested.

The DaVaR and DaVaR NetDSL family of test solutions provides bulk records purification,
VDSL qualification and single-pair testing applications. The platform performs
testing and sends results back to the DaVaR NetServer to store results and perform
automated updates to the loop records database.

Download the DaVaR™ and DaVaR NetDSL™ Test Systems brochure here